Vengeance of Sorrow

Excerpt from "Prologue"

Plasma Wave Valora.jpg

      They were coming. Vexador was doomed. Kaity Anderson could merely etch this frightening moment into her mind. The roar of approaching hovertank engines grew deafening. The tromping of her foes’ feet matched the thumping of her wildly-beating heart. Sharko stood beside her, transformed into Blaze. Samantha as Crosshair was at her other side, brandishing her deadly pistols. Kaity was Valora. She could handle this. An entire crew of Trylithians hadn’t stopped them…but this wasn’t Sahara anymore. This was Vexador, her new home:   her comfort and oasis, in a vast and unforgiving galaxy.

      United, the eight Starganauts formed a defensive wall, the Vexadorian soldiers behind them. The soldiers’ electrashields hummed, the sound of energy barriers between metal frames filling the air. The Guardsmen looked as nervous as Valora felt. Her teammates always seemed

calmer than her. Battle. It shook her to the core, making all else fall away life’s most crucial priorities. She took a deep breath. A group of individuals unlike any other emerged from between parting ranks of enemy troops, and her heart skipped a beat.

      Face and body paint distinguished them from the common Trylithian warriors. Wild tattoos covered their blue skin, their plating was heavier, and they wore fantastical headdresses. Yet their eyes, their blazing eyes, riveted her to the spot. In unison, they hovered into the space between armies. Drawing their hands downward and together until their palms touched, they faced the Vexadorians across the rubble-strewn square with faces that inspired fear. They shouted words which Valora couldn’t understand. Their arms suddenly flew apart, and she was blasted by walls of purplish energy. 
      I trusted You, Lord, Valora thought, in that brief instant before oblivion. Despite my wants, despite this life of sacrifice, I trusted You…and now I’m going to perish. We’re all going to die.
      The world was engulfed in a single color. Combined waves of plasma slammed into Valora like a sledgehammer, searing her armor and tearing her body from the ground. Backward, backward she flew…unable to see anything but purple. Her vision darkened, and she knew this was the end.