My name is C.E. Stone and I live in sunny California with my chronically-ill, cowboy husband. When not tutoring a host of students, I'm usually writing my next book or plotting a galactic takeover. 😉 I created Starganauts at the age of 10, expanding its universe and stories in the form of mock "TV shows" I acted out with Legos.

    After writing fantasy stories for several years, I started telling my best friend about my Sci-Fi universe. For 2 hours. At the end of it, she was so amazed that she insisted I write these stories down...and I haven't stopped since. It's been a fun and unexpected journey, and I hope to follow in the footsteps of my favorite authors, Tolkien and Lewis...albeit with a Sci-Fi twist.

    The main thing that defines me, however, is my faith in Christ.  I am a sanctified sinner:  an imperfect person saved by the gracious gift of a perfect God.  It's my hope to draw readers closer to Jesus through stories of relatable characters who lean on Him through galaxy-shaping events.  This is the reason I write.  If you haven't met Jesus, it is my prayer that you'll get to know Him through the medium of my writing.



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