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Welcome!  This page is a break from the usual Starganaut business.  You can read my latest blog posts here, which feature some writings related to Starganauts and some that aren't.  Be sure to check back for new posts or interviews in the future!
Click/tap above to read ALL my interviews with fellow Christian authors! I've included them on one page now for your convenience. I hope their stories and answers encourage you, and you may just find your next great read! 

How my life influenced Defector, and the amazing ways God answered prayers to inspire one very memorable scene.


Nothing has been normal since 2020. For us, since 2019. However, this past year was one of both surviving and thriving. Keep reading to learn about the trials we got through and the amazing blessings God granted us. 

How God worked several mini miracles to make the publishing of Starganauts possible, and how it mirrors the struggle that my characters experience in the book.

Looking for some clean reads this summer? I put together a list of eight fantastic books by Christian authors that are sure to whet your reading appetite!


What I learned from the year that almost broke me.

A blog article very relevant to 2020's difficult times (Features an excerpt from my newest Starganauts story).                     to read more.

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Blog posts from 2020 and before. They may be older, but they're just as good! Read them by clicking/tapping below:

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