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Frequently Asked Questions...

When will the first Starganauts book come out?

If I knew that, it would be in my announcements!  Whenever I'm able to get an agent and get it published is when it'll come out.  I can't give a more specific answer at this point.


Do you base your characters on people you know?

Of course!  Err, I mean, of course not! ;)  

Joking aside, the answer is yes and no.  Has my best friend with curly hair influenced the look of Samantha?  Absolutely.  Is Kaity's husband just like my husband?  Not really.  There are elements of my life and traits of people I know sprinkled throughout, yet no one is wholly based on a person I know (or knew) in real life.  


Can I buy or request a copy of your book?

The answer at this point is an unfortunate no.  As stated, I'm not yet published.  Consequently, I'm not at liberty to give out free copies of my book because I hope you, dear future reader, will buy it.  See the dilemma?

How Christian vs. Secular are your stories?

They're very Christian.  If you're an Atheist, you will be offended by what I have to say (though I encourage you to open yourself to a different viewpoint, anyway).  My faith informs my writing.  I strive to write primarily for a Christian audience, so my books deal with Christian themes, struggles, and truths.  I do feature opposing viewpoints.  There's not a single book I've written where the villain doesn't get the spotlight for at least a few paragraphs.  However, everything is presented from a Biblical backdrop.


How are your stories in terms of graphic/objectionable content?

I believe in appealing to the broadest audience possible, so from a secular standpoint, my books would be considered squeaky clean.  I've never had a sex scene and I don't intend to.  I avoid blood, gore, or graphic descriptions.  Aside from 2 light curse words in Starganauts, I only feature made-up profanity...if any at all.

However, some Christian parents might find my battles a bit violent.  I do try to discuss real-world issues in a tasteful and God-honoring way, but there is one character who struggles with pornography and while I never depict this, I do discuss it along with its pitfalls (and the character gets help).  Because of this, I recommend Starganauts for ages 15 and older.

Isn't "Christian" Science Fiction a contradiction?

I don't believe that any Christian work set in an imaginary universe is a contradiction.  Writing is an art form, and art is a form of expression.  That being said, I believe in adhering to Biblical truths, and the Jesus of the Bible is the Savior of my universe.  I seek to adhere to the teachings of Jesus as much as possible.  At the same time, I feature alien worlds and people groups other than humans as part of the medium of art.

Which authors or fiction franchises have influenced you the most?

J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, L.B. Graham, Star WarsStar Trek, and Dr. Who.  I've often heard people say they like "either" this author "or" that franchise, but I seriously like them all.  My esteem for Star Wars is as high as it is for Star Trek, and the only place I'd say this deviates is in the realm of authors.  Tolkien is hands down my favorite, with Lewis a close second. :)

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