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     "Kaity marveled at the Global River.  It was so wide that it was quite visible from space, being about 6 Earth miles wide on average.  It cut through Syvoric, separating the city into three sections...

Vexador’s sprawling capital was divided into mostly pleasant precincts.  The 1st precinct was the heart of the city, where Vexador’s government resided, and all other precincts were sequentially numbered outward from it." (Vengeance of Sorrow, p. 6)




     Vexador is a desert world.  There are no oceans, and its main sources of water are landlocked seas and the Global River, which spans half of the planet.  Desert climates range from semi-arid grassland to lifeless dune seas to cactus-dotted canyon country.  Greenery thrives around the rivers and freshwater seas.  The northern pole is Vexador's one climate exception, being composed of the Jaharil Mountains, a circular range rising as high as 13,000 feet. 

      Snow caps the Jaharil Range year-round, providing melt that feeds the Global River. Temperatures on Vexador are generally hot, ranging from highs of 50°F in winter to 110°F in summer. The Dune Waste can reach 130°F, in summer while the peaks of the Jaharil Mountains remain at 30°F or below. The planet receives little rainfall, with the exception of the northern pole.

Sweeping Dunes.jpg

(The Dune Waste stretches for countless, scorching miles)



     Because Vexador only figures into a small part of Starganauts, I will introduce its people here.  The main groups of inhabitants are the Yvoric/Altil, the Hematuse, and the Jaharil/Inxoti.  The Yvoric and Altilni intermingled after the former conquered the latter, creating Syvoric City and the first advanced civilization. The Hematuse are the proud dwellers of the lower Global River. Fierce warriors in


ancient times, they are still characterized by defiance and independence. 

       The Jaharil/Inxoti inhabit Vexador in the northern regions and east of the Gakra Sea.  Though not intermingled like the Yvoric and Altil, the Jaharil and Inxoti are allies.  All three people groups are at peace with one another through a planetary non-aggression pact.

​       Over 40% of Vexador's population live in its two largest cities, Syvoric and Dolunbel. Syvoric is the capital city, with about 20 million souls calling it home. A more moderate climate, plus the Global River and Voolok Sea, made Syvoric an early trade hub and contributed to its rise. While Dolunbel is newer, it boasts prettier architecture and less bustle. The Gakra Sea keeps its climate slightly cooler than Syvoric's. 

Fyro and Syvoric W.png



      One of the Starganaut forms, Crosshair, comes from Vexador. 200 years before the Starganauts, Syvoric City, was plagued with gang warfare.  A hitwoman who called herself Crosshair got arrested and began aiding the police against her father's gang.  The power of the gangs was broken, and Vexador entered an era of peace and prosperity...its Golden Age.  For her part in improving Syvoric, Crosshair was given the honor of taking the red crystal to the planet Sahara. 

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