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The Sorcerer's Realm

The day she lost her powers was the day she found her destiny.  

Karalene Kahamun was born a Magician: an ageless being gifted with powers from the Creator. Hidden until adolescence from the merciless Realm, she is captured and cast onto a forsaken world to die. Yet fate sets her on a journey to discover the last of her kind—a man who holds the key to stopping the Realm and its vile ruler, Soth. It will take more courage, strength, and power than Karalene possesses to topple the Sorcerer’s Realm. But danger lurks close by, for not all of her allies are what they seem...

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At the age of 17, I wrote my first story set in the Gorvan System. The Sorcerer's Realm takes place thousands of years before the first Starganauts book. Read on to learn more about this extraordinary book!

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In my original Starganauts series as a kid, I had two villains:  Soth and Madosnar. They worked together for a while against Vexador, yet they inwardly hated each other. A pair of frenemies, they were members of a very powerful race of beings called the Magicians. More specifically, they were evil Magicians, known as Sorcerers. 

Their story arc led me to ponder the backstory of their friendship/rivalry, and this led to the first 40 pages of The Sorcerer's Realm. Up until that 

point, I had never written anything longer than 140 pages, nevertheless anything sci-fi! I'd also felt the Holy Spirit leading me to talk about God more in my stories. So, The Sorcerer's Realm was born!


The Gorvan System is VERY different in the time of the Magicians. The only technologically-advanced worlds are Coralu, DesseCre, and Modoi. Vexador is a backwater desert waste. Paradeesia is inhabited by aliens, and Trylithia has been decimated by Soth, who 

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hates the Trylithians most of all. In fact, Soth ruled the galaxy by conquering it with the Hjal, a group of insectoid aliens. His domain, the Realm, has existed for 800 years, and enslaved every major planet. With the dread Sorcerer Madosnar at his side, Soth has been an unstoppable force. What Magicians haven't died at Madosnar's grim hands are in hiding. The Hjal ritually sacrifice thousands of their enslaved enemies each year, and only Karalene's quest to find Manomere sets events in motion to break the strangehold of the Realm.

Interested in reading more? If you like epic sword and space battles, heroic characters, Christian themes, and a struggle against good and evil, I have good news. You can read The Sorcerer's Realm for FREE!!! Just sign up for my newsletter, the Gorvan Club, to download your free e-book copy!  

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You can also read this story by visiting                       , a story-sharing website I'm a member of!!! The Sorcerer's Realm was one of the books the developers used to launch the site. You can find it under the Fantasy heading.😊

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