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The Gorvan System is a galaxy much like ours, with its own planets, sun-stars, and celestial phenomena.  The difference, however, is habitation.  Many alien peoples call the Gorvan System home, and its 12 worlds display diverse habitats and geography.  The main planets that the eight survivors learn about are Sahara (Dalar 3), Trylithia, and Vexador.  The other worlds are explored or mentioned in sequels.

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Delve into the unforgiving desert wastelands of the Starganauts' crash-landing site. Sahara may seem lifeless, but a few hardy animals and a mysterious cave provide more than just the ingredients for survival.
Trylithia Small.png
Journey to the intriguing home-world of the first alien people the Starganauts encounter. Trylithia boasts many curiosities and a proud history, as well as regions of perpetual day and endless night.
The second desert world in the Gorvan System, Vexador is the closest to Earth. Its massive capital city, seas, and advanced technology await the Starganauts' wondering eyes. Though it only has a cameo in Starganauts, this world proves to be one of the most important.
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