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What truly sets Starganauts apart are the Starganaut Forms:  the superhuman beings the Earthlings transform into using the orbs.  Though how this changing occurs is unknown, it makes the Earthlings a better version of a sort of glorified body.  At the same time, each Form comes with its own armor and weapons, unique to its orb.

Blaze color W.jpg


Orb:  blue

Human form:  “Sharko” Anderson

Blaze is the natural leader of the group, a Form that embodies both light and the truth.  As leader, Blaze inspires the others, and his armor is blue with yellow and white accents.


A plasma carbine is holstered at his side and he carries a torchsword:  a weapon with half of its blade made of metal and the other half formed from white-hot, interconnected spears of flame.  His crystal hails from the planet of Vinloc, a less-advanced world of the Gorvan System.


Orb:  red

Human:  Samantha Harris

True to her namesake, Crosshair's talents lie with ranged weaponry.  Her dual pistols rarely miss their mark, and this accuracy also extends to the realm of emotions.  Discerning, she is a good judge of character and thus a natural fit for the group’s prophetess. 


Crosshair's name comes from a Vexadorian mercenary known for her flawless aim.  The Crosshair of history killed for hire until the authorities arrested her.  Given the choice to aid them or rot in prison, Crosshair became a police informant and, eventually, left mercenary life altogether.  She later became a Christian.

Crosshair color W.jpg
Thunderbane W.jpg


Orb:  yellow

Human:  Matthew Sanchez

Thunderbane is the tank of the team.  The elements of a storm—fury, lightning, and strength—come together in this Form, making it one of the most powerful.  Dual lightning foils lend Thunderbane a lethal edge in battle, while heavier armor ensures he deals more damage than he takes. 

Of all the crystals, his orb has the most complete history.  It is also known as the “Jewel of Paradeesia,” a stone held for centuries in the vaults of Paradeesian kings before one man, Kertcha, brought it to the Orb Cave.  Kertcha did so at the behest of the Creator, who instructed him in a dream.


Orb:  green

Human form:  Chrysta Taylor

Toxic for the cause of good, Vipress fights with the agility and cunning of a serpent.  She is deadly at medium range with her poison-spewing gun, which can corrode metal armor.  Vipress also carries a bite at close range, with her poisonous dagger always at the ready.


Swift to strike, Vipress carefully considers every move she makes.  She is wise, and conserves her energy to fight with greater endurance than the others.  The world her orb originated from is unknown.

Vipress color W.jpg
Ninjarak color W.jpg


Orb:  white

Human form:  Mike Taylor

With an agile fighting style and a bo staff, Ninjarak personifies the ninja.  Cunning and graceful, he often calculates the most efficient way to dispatch opponents.  He seldom charges recklessly into battle, and usually tries to incapacitate his enemies rather than kill them. 


Ninjarak is the stealthiest of the Forms, and his orb comes from the planet Coralu.  A group of ninja-like warriors called the Kahlasi lived there, fighting its corrupt government down through the centuries.  Though not directly connected to the Kahlasi, Ninjarak honors their legacy by fighting for the cause of justice.


Orb:  purple

Human form:  Kaity Anderson

Also known as the Knight of Courage, Valora embodies valor in both name and spirit.  Kaity’s Form carries a sword and a shield, for she balances offense with defense.  The shield has a special ability that can demoralize enemies and inspire allies, and it’s strong enough to stop plasma bolts. 


Valora’s helmet and gorget are equipped with a special face guard that clinks up (and down) into place, meeting in the middle to make her helmet airtight.  Not only does this protect her during battle, but it can keep her unharmed in the event of space or toxin exposure.  Her purple orb hails from Trylithia.

Valora color W.jpg
Fyromaniac color W.jpg


Orb:  orange

Human form:  James "Dudeman" Erskin

A fan of anything as long as it’s on fire, Fyromaniac sports a flamethrower that can turn the frontlines into an inferno.  A Form that is zealous for the cause of good, Fyromaniac is the first to rush to his friends’ defense.  He’s an expert at setting or defusing explosives, and a satchel on the right side of his belt carries charges and grenades.


The orange crystal comes from Nishbet, a mysterious world outside of the Gorvan System.  Though little is known of this planet, it is a fiery desert world and home to fierce warriors.  Fyromaniac embodies this tradition of intensity and fierceness in battle.


Orb:  clear

Human:  Nancy Cooper

Apotheka is the healer of the group.  Her Form embodies compassion and nursing, but she is not defenseless.  Her highly-specialized weapon possesses both a blue “heal” setting and a red “kill” setting.  There are also a defibrillator and revive mode to aid in battlefield healing.


Apotheka may seem the least armored of the group, but her outer garments are made of a Kevlar-like material.  Beneath this, she wears a strong, mesh under-suit, and she is also protected by an energy shield.  Where her orb came from is unknown.

Apotheka color W.jpg
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