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Read posts below from years past! They may be older, but some are my favorites!
Mystery. Suspense. Superhero drama. This post is my reflection on Marvel's newest miniseries and the timeless message it teaches through the journey of one woman determined to avoid her grief. 

All art comes from experience. While Starganauts 

is obviously fictional, my life has mirrored what my characters go through in several ways.                     to read about the origins of my series and why I couldn't write Starganauts until I had experienced a string of hardships.


How the latest of film of the Avengers series affected me and why I think it's redefined the superhero genre.

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about M.H.'s World

Are you a fan of Christian fantasy or Narnia-like, medieval worlds?  Join me as I provide a glimpse into the awesome world of author                      !

Discover more about Starganauts AND get a FREE e-book from C.E. Stone! You'll also receive updates on publishing news. Join the Gorvan Club today!

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