The Survivors

"We hurtled through a wormhole, emerging on the other side into unfamiliar space.  A tan planet without oceans filled our field of vision as our ship, the Deliverer, spun out of control.  It screamed toward the surface. Samantha and Matt, in the cockpit, fought to regain piloting control, but nothing could be done.  Our ship jolted sharply from impact. The back end was ripped off as we plowed through a field of dunes.  I saw my husband sliding across the floor towards me. Everything went black."

-                            , from her journal.

The Starganauts are the last survivor's of Earth's destruction.  But exactly who are these 8 human beings from the near-future?  The people who form the Starganauts come with diverse backgrounds and histories.  These contribute to both their survival and struggles on the planet Sahara.  Read on to get to know them better. (This section is under construction and will be expanded continually)

Coming Soon!




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