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The Orbs

The eight orbs are things of mystery.  When the Starganauts find them on Sahara (Dalar 3), they have no idea of their capabilities or their histories.  The only clues to their origins are texts carved on the walls of a cave in a plateau, which comes to be called the Orb Cave.  These texts are written in eight different of which the Starganauts later identify as a dialect of Vexador.  

The orbs are round, smooth, and uniform in shape.  They are semi-translucent, like amber, with layered imperfections visible from the outside.  The center of every orb glows.  Although the Eight cannot figure out how they function, each crystal has a different color and represents an element or skill.  Additionally, every Starganaut Form orb embodies a particular attribute or trait.

Blue ORB.jpg
Attribute:  Truth         Color:  Blue       Element: Light
The idea for Blaze is a torch:  something that gives light and hope, but can also destroy.  This dichotomy characterizes him and makes him an effective leader.  Blaze guides and inspires, yet is also fierce in battle.  As a warrior, he fights with both a ranged plasma carbine and a torchsword.  
Attribute: Courage      Color: Purple     Skill: Defense
Valora's name is self-explanatory and she personifies courage, a noble attribute.  With a sword and shield, she is able to both attack and defend.  Valora is also a Starganaut who inspires those around her, as her shield can radiate energy that emboldens allies and demoralizes enemies.
Purple ORB.jpg
Yellow ORB (2).jpg
Attribute:  Strength                               Color:  Yellow  Element:  Lightning
Harnessing the raw energy of lightning, Thunderbane represents the strength of a thunderstorm.  He carries foils that conduct electricity, and is resistant to shock.  No stranger to offense, he is often first to charge into any fray.
Attribute:  Compassion                            Color:  Clear  Skill:  Healing
With a gun that has the power of life or death, Apotheka is the medic of the group.  The red "kill" setting on her gun deals damage, while the blue "heal" setting can mend a foe's injuries.  Apotheka also has an energy shield to protect her while she tends to her friends with the compassion of a true apothecary.
Clear Crystal.jpg
Orange ORB.jpg
Attribute:  Zeal        Color:  Orange      Element:  Fire
True to his name, this Form is both pyro and maniac.  Fyromaniac likes nothing better than to roast the enemy, often laying down a wall of deadly fire with his flamethrower.  He can be both destructive and energetic, and is the demolitions expert of the team.
Attribute:  Cleverness    Color:  Green   Skill:  Poison
Vipress fights with a knife and poison-shooting gun.  Her bolts corrode an enemy's armor, and she strikes quickly like a snake.  Yet she is also wise as a serpent, and often uses cunning moves rather than brute force to defeat an enemy. 
Green ORB.jpg
White ORB.jpg
Attribute:  Agility        Color:  White       Skill:  Speed
The ninja Starganaut personifies deadly grace.  With a bo staff as his weapon, he usually incapacitates his enemies rather than killing them.  He is better at stealth missions than his compatriots.
Attribute:  Discernment                             Color:  Red  Skill:  Accuracy
Crosshair was the name of a Vexadorian mercenary woman known for deadly accuracy.  This Form derives its name from her.  Equipped with twin plasma pistols, Crosshair is a thoroughly ranged fighter.  Yet her accuracy doesn't end there.  She is often able to see beyond mere appearances, giving counsel and cutting to the heart of any issue.
Red ORB.jpg
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