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Retribution Read-Along


1) How does the prologue set the stage for Retribution? What did you think of the opening?

A: I wanted to begin this book en media res to foreshadow the coming conflict and the storm of war about to overwhelm Vexador. It also hints at Kaity’s arc. That enabled me to build up suspense from the first pages.


As the author, I loved it! I felt excitement, fear, and curiosity reading it. It fills me with questions. How did Valora get here? What happened, and why is Trylithia attacked Vexador?


2) Chapter 1 introduces us to the Starganauts’ new homeworld, Vexador. What stands out to you about it? How have the Vexadorians been treating the Starganauts?

A: I love Vexador because it (and Trylithia) are my oldest planets. I like how Vexador is peaceful, friendly, and free. It’s a futuristic society that’s neither utopian nor dystopian. Vexador is also in a golden age because most of its people are Christians. They treat the Starganauts like celebrities in gratitude for their defeat of Vogul, who had intended to target Vexador.


3) The primary antagonists of Retribution are Grunn and Kexid. What were your first impressions of them?

A: Grunn seems like a male torn by some sort of grief, with a rough past and a vendetta against the Starganauts (for reasons I conceal). Kexid strikes me as a people-pleaser, but smart and powerful.


4) How does Samantha demonstrate character growth in both her speech and her request of Sharko? How does her news from Tazen affect Kaity, and why?

A: She puts the spotlight on God in her speech. It’s about Him, not her. She’s also more self-aware about her pride and anger, and knows she needs Sharko’s cool head to accompany her to the meeting with Tazen.

Samantha tells the couple about Tazen’s desire for them to serve in the Guard. Kaity is nervous and worried because she wants a peaceful life. Samantha’s news means being drawn into military service, which equals fighting. That’s the last thing Kaity wants to do again.


7) In Chapter 2, we meet Commander Tazen. What are his plans for the Starganauts, and did anything about him surprise you?

A: He wants to use the Starganauts as mercenaries for the Guard so they can unofficially help Vexador. Yes! He seems noble and nice. Samantha’s impression makes us think he’d be the opposite.

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