"Sahara" (Dalar 3)


      "A lone cactus stood out against the vague horizon, starkly silhouetted with a shape familiar but extremely twisted.  Bluffs loomed in the far distance, and nowhere were there any signs of water.  It was as if this land had always existed, parched and forgotten by rain.  The desert stretched on, endless…and Kaity realized how truly alone they were." (Starganauts, 39)



      "Sahara," known in the Gorvan System as Dalar 3, is a barren, desert world.  There are some elevations on this vast, seemingly empty planet, with canyons, plateaus, low mountains, and sinkholes.  Alien cacti, lizards, snakes, scorpions, and armadillos dot the landscape.  Dalar 3 has a distinct summer and winter period, with little in between.  Summer temperatures often soar to 115˚F, while winter afternoons sit at around 75˚F.  There are no polar icecaps due to the extreme heat, and the only water to be found is subterranean.

Sharko and Kaity Anderson on Sahara. Picture by bryan_brewer91



      Dalar 3 has largely played an unimportant role in galactic affairs.  The planet lacks sufficient resources to support all but the smallest, scattered groups of people.  Few peoples of the Gorvan System even knew of its existence until Vexador discovered it.  Dalar 3 was used as a penal colony by the Myd aliens for a time, but even they withdrew due to the inconvenience of importing food and water.  

      Dalar 3 has a few notable historical moments.  Thousands of years before the Starganauts, an alien named Ashphix was called by God to the desert planet.  With the help of his people, he formed the Orb Cave out of an existing cavern in a desert plateau.  Several members of different alien races brought crystals to the Cave in the centuries that followed, leaving writings on its walls to be read by others who would come.


Centuries later, a battle was fought above Dalar 3's surface between the Cybrius and Warockie, leaving a ship graveyard.  Nick and Abigale Dundee arrived on "Sahara" a century after this, and they lived on the planet alone for two years before the Starganauts' crash landing.  Once the Eight came, Vogul began combing the world in an effort to find and annihilate them.  Thus the future of humanity hangs on one of the Gorvan System's most insignificant worlds.



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