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Galactic Glossary



Colmit (KOL-mitt): the Trylithian name for one of the countries of Duskrealm. Each colmit is ruled by a king and officials.


Duskrealm: a perpetually-twilit climate ring of Trylithia (See Trylithia). It houses the most advanced peoples and governments of Trylithia.


Equinell (EH-kwin-ell): an onion-shaped meeting hall for the tormacs and military leaders of Duskrealm in times of crisis.


Gorvan Galaxy (GOR-van): the galaxy in which Starganauts: Retribution takes place. It boasts 13 inhabited worlds and just as many alien peoples.

Guard Headquarters: also called the HQ, it sits in the 1st Precinct of Syvoric City and houses the daily operations of the Guard’s police and military branches.


Idoratt Field (ID-or-att): a dry, grassy plain five miles west of Syvoric City.


Ixobi Palace (iks-OH-bee): Tormac Grunn’s royal compound. Ixobi means “labyrinthine” and the palace is built of hallways and rooms interspersed with forest. Its many glass walls and ceilings make it glow.


Jor’Kroth (jor-KRAWTH): the most powerful colmit in Duskrealm, ruled by Tormac Grunn.


Lantiri Palace (lan-TEER-ee): the royal complex of King Dathun of Paradeesia.


Paradeesia (pare-uh-DEES-ee-uh): a tropical resort world near Vexador. It is ruled by a king and its capital city is Lantiri.


Pizza Syvoric (sy-VOR-ik): an “Earth-style” restaurant in Syvoric—the favorite hang-out spot of the Starganauts.


Sahara/Dalar 3 (DAY-lar): the name of the desert planet where the Starganauts survived in Book 1.


Starganaut Base (STAR-guh-nawt): the state-of-the-art headquarters of the Earthlings on Vexador.


Syvoric City: Vexador’s capital and largest city, straddled by the Global River and separated into districts called precincts. The 1st Precinct houses Vexador’s government buildings.


Trylithia (try-LITH-ee-uh): a planet near the edge of the Gorvan Galaxy, known for its near-stationary orbit. This makes one side always face the sun, leading to unique, distinctive climate “rings” encircling the planet and the absence of a day/night cycle.


Vexador (vex-uh-DOR): a desert world near the center of the Gorvan Galaxy. Vexador is inhabited by non-Earth humans and is encircled by a planet-spanning river, with snowy mountains in the north feeding it. Its largest city is Syvoric and it has two other prominent cities and two large seas.

Vogul Bay: the coastal hometown of the Starganauts, on Earth.

ALL ORBS(3).png
ALL ORBS(3).png



Starganaut (STAR-guh-nawt): one of a team of eight humans who use mysterious orbs to transform into armor-clad warriors with glorified bodies, called “Forms.” Each has special weapons and armor.


Chrysta Taylor (KRIS-tuh): a seamstress married to Mike. Chrysta’s Form is Vipress, inspired by the snake. She wields a poison spray gun and venomous knife. Orb: green.


Derek Anderson. Nickname: “Sharko.” The leader of the Starganauts, married to Kaity. Sharko's form is Blaze, which was inspired by a torch. Blaze carries a plasma carbine and torchsword. Orb: blue.


Kaity Anderson: a tutor and wife to Sharko. Her Form, Valora (vuh-LOR-uh), is also called “The Knight of Courage.” She wields a sword and a shield with the ability to demoralize enemies while inspiring allies. Orb: purple.


James Erskin. Nickname: “Dudeman.” A surfer and the non-Christian of the group, James’ flame-based Form, Fyromaniac, fights with a flamethrower and explosives. Orb: orange.


Matthew Sanchez: a scrap worker and military veteran: cousin to Samantha. Thunderbane is Matt’s heavily-armored Form, inspired by lightning. He wields two foils charged with electricity. Orb: yellow.


Mike Taylor: college student and husband to Chrysta. Mike’s Form is Ninjarak (nin-JAR-ik), an agile ninja who sports a bo staff and armor with a camouflaging ability. Orb: white.


Nancy Cooper: a secretary who flunked the nursing program—best friend to Kaity. Apotheka (uh-PAW-thi-kuh) is Nancy’s medic-inspired Form, protected by a shield belt and wielding a gun that can heal or kill. Orb: clear.


Samantha Harris: former engineer and current prophetess called by God to preach of Earth’s coming doom. Cousin to Matt. Her eagle-eyed Form, Crosshair, carries two pistols and embodies accuracy and discernment. Orb: red.

ALL ORBS(3).png
ALL ORBS(3).png


Ah’ae Pundraccis (AH-ay poon-DRAW-kiss): Grunn’s female hovertank commander.


Bruce: a Vexadorian scientist. His full name, Bruxlelctis, is unpronounceable to the Starganauts.


Captain Lexur (LEX-er): a friend of Tazen’s, whom he appoints to train the Starganauts.


Commander Tazen (TAY-zin): one of the four leaders of the Vexadorian Guard (see The Guard). He acts as the Starganauts’ liaison.


Coradites (CORE-uh-dites): humanoid aliens from the world of Coralu with checker-patterned skin, pronounced cheekbones and noses. They wear a headband to denote social class and wealth.


Dathun Poltare (DAY-thin Pol-TARE): the obstinate king of Paradeesia.


Daxell (dax-L): Grunn’s closest friend and the leader of the Kroth Blood-Kin military force.


Executioner: The leader of the Kroth Blood-Kin, whose task is to carry out executions of criminals.


Grunn: the current leader of the Trylithian forces of Jor’Kroth, a country in Duskrealm. He bears a grudge against the Starganauts, for reasons unknown.


Janthym (JAN-thum): a general and Grunn’s antagonist amidst the Trylithian ranks.


Jizzdrakk, The (JIZ-drak): an elite force assembled to match the might of the Starganauts.


Kexid Dor-Rojin (KEX-id dor-ROE-jin): Grunn’s right-hand woman and chief advisor. Also, the head of the Skull Warriors.


Kroth (Krawth): the name of the Trylithian sun deity.


Kroth Blood-Kin: Trylithia’s police force, gifted with minor telekinetic abilities like scissoring opponents or determining someone is lying. Blood-Kin slit their hands and swear a pact to serve the public welfare.


Nick and Abigale Dundee: the two survivors of the Australian expedition to Dalar 3, who are non-transforming members of the Starganauts.


Nurgat (NURR-gat): King Dathun’s vizier.


Parcund Golrashion (PAR-kund gull-RASH-ee-un): the Starganauts’ janitor, a Teradite immigrant to Vexador (see Teradites).


Procon (PRO-con): title for the second-in-command of Duskrealm. They may also serve as the head of the Skull Warriors, but this is not always the case.


Skull Warrior: an elite Trylithian order of warriors with deadly telekinetic powers. Some can read minds. They wear the skull of a dead enemy at their side and sport tattoos and bladed headdresses.


Teradites (TARE-uh-dite): the hybrid offspring of a Coradite alien and human. They have less pronounced noses and cheekbones, and smoother skin, than Coradites.


Tormac (TOR-mak): the title of a Trylithian king.


Trylithian: a blue-skinned alien inhabitant of Trylithia, the historical enemy of Vexador.


Usurpers: the elite, dogfighting corps of the Trylithian fleet. They operate with a small measure of autonomy, and are known as the best—and craziest—pilots in the Gorvan Galaxy.


Vexadorian: a person of the desert planet bearing their name. Vexadorians are like humans but predominantly have red hair. Many are believers in Christ.


Willum Vogul: villain of Starganauts, Book 1. His name means “kingly bird of prey.”

ALL ORBS(3).png
ALL ORBS(3).png



Agridome: a towering, mushroom-shaped greenhouse used to grow food in the desert.


Altilni: the main language of Vexador.


Amyorian wine (am-YORE-ee-un): a special, fruity wine fermented on Paradeesia.


Cadora Tanks (kuh-DORE-uh): Vexador’s armored war vehicles.


Chromo-titanium: the toughest metal in the Gorvan Galaxy—a mix of chromium, titanium, and other elements.


Convectorizer (cun-VEKT-ur-eyes-ur): a standard Gorvan cooking appliance which can function as a microwave, oven, or steamer.


Digipad: a universal device used by Trylithians and a few other alien peoples.


Galla (GAL-uh): solid projectile ammunition—the Vexadorian equivalent of bullets.


Glory, The: flagship of the Starganauts, armed with fourteen weapons.


Hovertanks:  Trylithia’s armored vehicles—their antidote to Cadora tanks.


Hoverskiffs: Trylithian military hovercraft.


Hurricane, The: an agile, small fighter the Starganauts fly.


Ixil-class warship (IKS-uhl): the assault craft of the Trylithian fleet, heavily armed and armored.


Moxid fighter (MOX-id): fast, light, tadpole-shaped attack fighters of the Trylithian fleet.


Nulrej shielding (NULL-rej): a special, “unbreakable” shield used by Tormac Grunn.


The Guard: Vexador’s peacekeeping force, comprised of military and police branches. They can be found in all major cities. The military side protects the planet from galactic threats, while the policing side fights crime.


Micropad: a universal Vexadorian device, similar to cell phones but vastly more advanced.


Plasticrome: a synthetic material made of chrome and plastic. Super strong, yet comfortable.


Razor Fighter: the light, quick attack ships of the Guard fleet.


Sarka (SAR-kuh): the Vexadorian equivalent of beef.


Sha’aq Bomber (shuh-OCK): a medium-sized Trylithian bombing vessel—the terror of enemy ground forces.


Starganaut orbs: eight round crystals of varying colors which transform the survivors from Earth into Forms with special weapons and armor (see “Starganauts”). They come from Dalar 3.


Tahlimo (tuh-LEE-moe): Vexador’s most popular racing sport, resembling a cross between bodysurfing and jet-skiing.


The Vandorlel (VAN-door-lel): Grunn’s flagship and the mightiest craft of Duskrealm’s fleet.


Usurper fighter: custom-built fighters piloted by Usurper pilot—the deadliest of Trylithia’s fleet.


Vexadorian Frigate: large to mid-sized ship of the Guard with a fearsome complement of weapons. 


VFM: short for voice and facial recognition monitor. A Vexadorian locking device coded to the voice and facial profile of specific users.

ALL ORBS(3).png
ALL ORBS(3).png
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