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What is the Gorvan System?

It's a series of solar systems that make up a galaxy of 12 unique planets.  In ancient times, this expanse of worlds was called the Muharic Galaxy.  Rumors abound that the Muharic was once ruled by a cruel alien race, but that was thousands of years ago.

In the present, the Gorvan System is very far from Earth.  The Starganauts' trip to Sahara marks the third time humans have journeyed from the Milky Way to the Gorvan.  The first voyage was, of course, made by Willum Vogul.  The Australian deep space exploration team was the second group of Earthlings to travel there.


of Starganauts.  Willum was one of six astronauts sent on a mission to explore Mars.  Their shuttle was sucked into a space vortex and ejected into the Gorvan System.  After months of voyaging, the astronauts’ craft was boarded by a Trylithian raiding party.  All the other members of his mission were killed, but Vogul was badly burned by a fire.  As his features were disfigured, the Trylithians took pity on him and brought him back to their kingdom of Lidexid, in Duskrealm. 


They completely healed Vogul's wounds, and their Tormac (or king) kept him as a curiosity.  Vogul was stuck on Trylithia, so he gradually learned the Trylithian language.  The Lidexans considered him a celebrity, because they hadn't seen anyone like him before. During his time there, Vogul began to learn the shocking truth that Trylithia wasn't the only extraterrestrial planet in the universe.  His mind broadened, he decided to return to Earth and change history with news of alien worlds.

Aside from its 12 worlds, the Gorvan System also has two large nebulae:  Stattar and Paradise.  Speculation abounds about the System's exact age, but historians figure that the galaxy is around 10,000 years old.  Little is known about its ancient history.  It is thought that beings with special powers once walked each world, guiding the planets benevolently until some fell into evil.  The theory that an ancient and evil race unified the Gorvan has some evidence in old ruins scattered across worlds, as well as accounts of different heroes freeing their people from a cruel "Realm."

Whatever its past history, the Gorvan System has had recent upheaval in the form of Vogul's gunship.  Its discovery terrifies the Gorvan System peoples, for Trylithia has more enemies than friends.  Civilized worlds, like Vexador, fear incineration by the powerful vessel.  Yet it is Earth that Durag of Trylithia authorizes as the proving ground for the gunship, and Vogul happily pledges to captain the mission against the world he's grown to hate.

The history of Vogul and Trylithia stretches back 20 years before the events

Willum Vogul W.png

Unfortunately, Earth was not receptive to Vogul's story.  He was branded a lunatic and ridiculed on live TV.  When Samantha was 8 years old, he left with a cryptic warning that he'd return to make Earth pay.  He traveled back to Trylithia, where he plotted and used his influence on the Lidexan king to secure the gunship.  16 years after his vengeful promise, Vogul arrived in the Milky Way Galaxy with the gunship.  Starganauts begins as he prepares to assault Earth.

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