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The Series

Starganauts is currently a trilogy consisting of three books:  Starganauts, Vengeance of Sorrow, and Defector. However, this is only part of what will ultimately be a 12-book series. There are many adventures still awaiting the Starganauts, and C.E. Stone has composed other books set in the                            but during different time periods. 
Stone recently published her first book, which you can buy by clicking the links by Starganauts! She intends to continue publishing and writing until the entire series is released. Stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, here is a list of her completed works! You can follow the links below to read samples from the last two.

SG Cover John.png

Kaity was a beaming bride on her wedding day. Samantha was an engineer who gave up everything to follow God.

      When an alien gunship incinerates the surface of Earth, Kaity, Samantha, and six others are thrown into a game of cat and mouse against a merciless foe. Hunted by the master of the gunship, the survivors flee to a distant galaxy and crash-land on a barren world. The desert and their pursuers are a constant threat until the humans make a discovery that will change their lives—and the destiny of galaxies—forever.


Kaity and her teammates enjoy life on Vexador, their new homeworld. Yet when an enemy threatens the planet, Kaity must return to Starganaut life—the last thing she wants. Meanwhile, Samantha is troubled by a disturbing vision. War looms on Vexador’s horizon, yet Samantha is unable to warn anyone of the coming storm.

Sharko is adjusting to being the Starganauts’ leader when Trylithia attacks. With intergalactic war brewing, he faces a personal crisis as well: his wife Kaity is poised to leave the team. Worse, the leader of the Trylithian army seems bent on revenge against the Starganauts...despite them never having met. Will this mysterious new foe shatter their team, or will Samantha’s disaster prove their salvation?

Defector Front.png

The war is over.  Life returns to normal for the Starganauts—until a new enemy compels them on a very personal quest. 

      Pitted against the merciless Cybrium, the Starganauts face trials that threaten to divide them as they hunt for one of their own.  Yet appearances are not what they seem, and in the defection of one lies the salvation of many…

Check out some of C.E. Stone's other writings online. She has 2 books posted on,          and 

She has also been published in The Explicator, authoring the scholarly article

Additional Works

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