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Retribution Read-Along


1) After Samantha’s capture, what is Sharko’s greatest fear? Where do you find courage when facing a scary situation?

A: Sharko fears making a poor decision that costs his team and hurts his wife.

I find courage in the Bible, praying, and talking out my fears to God and loved ones. Like Kaity, Mike, and Chrysta support Sharko, my family is supportive and encouraging when I face things I fear.


2) James rushes off to save Samantha, but bad news changes his plans. What is it? Describe a time when you received life-altering news.

A:   Duskrealm declares war on Vexador. Their leaders were killed, and the Starganauts are publicly blamed.

I will never forget receiving news of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I was a child and my mom turned on the TV to footage of the smoking Twin Towers. Suddenly, the world felt unsafe, and some things (airports, my sense of security) were never the same.


3) What two horrible things does Grunn do to draw his world into war? What does this reveal about him?

A: He murders most of Duskrealm’s leaders and shoots his loyal servant, Parcund, in cold blood. I hated Grunn for this, and it shows his obsession with vengeance, calculating coldness, and utter disregard for life. He’s evil and will go to drastic lengths to achieve his goals.


4) Sharko confronts the two people he loves most. What are James’ and Kaity’s problems? Have you ever needed to confront a loved one about a difficult issue?

A: Dudeman is clearly smitten with Samantha and Sharko can tell the feelings aren’t returned. With Kaity, she doesn’t want to return to battle but desires a normal life. Sharko has to remind her “we don’t always get to choose what we want” (pg. 102).

Yup, I’ve had to do what Sharko does, and it’s always hard! Most I’ve confronted have responded well. A handful of confrontations have ended in painful disaster! However, I had peace in spite of this because I knew I was obeying God by speaking the truth in love to this person.


5) What surprising thing did Kaity decide to do? How did you feel about her decision?

A: Kaity chooses to leave the team. She’s done facing battles and it’s the last thing she asked for. I felt frustrated with her, yet understood. Kaity’s struggles in Retribution were based off mine during the worst years of my life.


I’ve wanted to be a stay-at-home mom all my life and so far, God’s closed the door on that. At the same time, He led me on the path of tutoring and self-publishing and it’s been His clear calling for me. So, like Kaity, I’ve been living a calling I didn’t ask for. Like her, I wrestled with accepting that path and wondering when I’d be able to live my ultimate dream. I’m still waiting on His timing, but trusting Him.

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