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Tormac Grunn.png

Tormac Grunn


Homeworld: Trylithia

Age: 24 Trylithian years

Occupation: ruler/conqueror

Grunn was born into a noble family in a colmit (country) of Duskrealm. He lived a privileged life until his parents were killed by an enemy colmit and he was taken into slavery for 3 years. A relative eventually rescued him, but the experience forced him to grow up quickly. It also taught him to hate.


Determined to put his past behind him, Grunn devoted his adolescence to his studies...particularly  

of military strategy and history. He became an eloquent speaker and soon wormed his way high up into the court of Jor'Kroth colmit. He was swiftly appointed Tormac, ruling Jor'Kroth with wisdom and an eye toward expanding Trylithia's interplanetary power.

In the time of Retribution, Grunn is one of the chief proponents of Trylithia going to war with Vexador. The Vexadorians have been their longtime enemy and Grunn fears their swift technological advancements. Thus, he hopes to snuff out the Vexadorians before they can become a threat to rival his planet. With his ruthless, cunning mind and malice borne of mistreatment, Grunn is a formidable foe who may cause the Starganauts more grief than even Willum Vogul. 

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