Sharko and Kaity Custom (1).png a universe where Earth was incinerated 

and humanity's survivors crash on a faraway desert 


...the destiny these eight survivors will have and the             they will change forever.


is a Christian science fiction/fantasy series currently being written by C.E. Stone.  The first book is set on Earth in the near future, though the setting shifts to a distant galaxy containing over a dozen inhabited alien worlds.

...the peoples,              , and history of the Gorvan 

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The villains of Starganauts now have a home! 😉 Click below to read more about Willum Vogul, Book 1's primary antagonist. You can also follow the link to read about Matt Sanchez, Samantha's cousin and the team's ex-military marksman.

Author Progress

-Currently editing Starganauts, Book 1!

-Did you know you can read my

short story Regret for free? Find it at 



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