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Drawn by C.E. Stone. Colored by M.H. Elrich

Matt in the Dunes W (2).png

Matthew Sanchez

Age:  27

Occupation:  scrap worker

Form:  Thunderbane

The cousin of Samantha, Matt is a year older than the prophetess and an ex-soldier. His practical, calm nature counterbalances her rashness. Matt has a lot of life experiences. He completed some college before serving in the army for a few years. When he returned to Vogul Bay, he started his own scrap business.

Matt is involved in the events of Starganauts early on. It’s his restoration of a derelict space shuttle which provides the survivors a

means of escape from Earth. With a muscular build and penchant for quietness, Matt typifies the strong, silent type. He’s the most accurate shooter (out of Form) and the best-suited for survival on Sahara. His vintage revolver and observant, green eyes are his trademarks. Matt is also multi-talented, with proficiency in electronics, welding, mechanics, marksmanship, and stealth. 


Emotionally, Matt is a calm person and rarely flustered. He’s highly respected by most of the survivors, and is one of the people who discovers the orbs. Matt tends to withdraw from others, avoid confrontation, and has a hard time expressing himself around anyone but Samantha. Though a Christian most of his life, Matt’s faith is on the weak side. He also harbors a dark secret, which is not revealed until Vengeance of Sorrow.

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