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Nancy Cooper 

Age:  23

Occupation:  police secretary

Form:  Apotheka

    Nancy is Kaity’s best friend and was her maid of honor at the beginning of Starganauts. Her friendship with Kaity spans both women’s lives, as they met each other in grade school. A nursing student at one point, she became a police secretary after failing to pass her nurses’ exam. Nancy was the oldest sibling of four before the apocalypse obliterated her family. She journeyed with the other survivors to Sahara, and serves as the group’s healer both in and out of her Form, Apotheka.

    Logical, focused, and cool under pressure, Nancy can come off cold and overly factual at times. Her scientific mind, however, is balanced by a compassionate nature. She


struggles with loneliness and her confidence as a healer despite medical training. Because she flunked out of nursing school, she questions her healing abilities. She also fears being alone the rest of her life, and experienced the singleness blues even before leaving Earth. But, after her choice of men is narrowed drastically, Nancy figures she probably will never marry.

   Afraid of heights and cautious with her heart, Nancy is nonetheless adventurous in other areas and likes learning new things. Her mother was Korean and her father of mostly German ancestry, giving Nancy a unique heritage. She often puts her hair in a ponytail, and loves wearing a skirt and high heels.

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