Starganauts Read-Along

CHAPTERS 10-12: My Answers

1) Blaze discovers Nick and Abigale after following God’s leading. What problem do the Australians solve? Have you ever been blessed by following the Holy Spirit’s prompting?

The problem of water. Nick has an entire cistern full! No longer will they face the possibility of death by dehydration.

Yes, I’ve have many times where God’s blessed me for following the Spirit’s lead. One time in particular was with the publication of this book. I set out in 2020 to publish because I was studying Abraham and how he stepped out in faith to settle in a new land. I felt the Spirit prompting me to get Starganauts ready for publication despite NO budget, no marketing experience, and little confidence. God supplied me with EVERYTHING out of the blue, and the rest is history!


2) Kaity’s main flaw becomes apparent in this chapter. What is it, and have you personally struggled with this?

Not letting go of the past. I dealt with this when I first got married. My first year of married life was *rough* and I went from financial stability to living paycheck-to-paycheck. I also had to do a LOT more work than I was used to. I often yearned for the past, because my parents provided a happy, safe, stable home. But I’m glad to say I adjusted and things got better.


3) What does Vogul finally discover? Do you think he’s driven by insanity, demons, or something else?

The Orb Cave! This second question is one I’m not going to directly answer, but I will say this. The entire question of who or what influenced Vogul forms the basis of an overarching plotline that will come to fruition in Book 5! Yup, that’s right. Things that happen now influence books in the far future. I rather enjoy seeding my stories with Easter eggs. ;)


4) Sharko bites the bullet and speaks to Dudeman about Jesus. What do you think this is setting him up to do later?

To become the Starganauts’ leader! He takes a risk and acts, rather than hesitating. In my opinion, Sharko is a fantastic leader once he gets over himself. You’ll get to see more of what I mean in Retribution!


5) The Starganauts face off with Vogul’s men on hovercraft. What’s your favorite part of this fight? What internal battle is Dudeman facing while his teammates battle Trylithians?

I LOVE the part when the Trylithian kidnaps Valora and Blaze goes after him! It really shows his devotion as her husband and how he’s becoming more decisive and confident. One of my favorite quotes is what he says in this scene: “You can incinerate my planet, you can blow up my base, but don’t you ever, ever KIDNAP MY WIFE!!!!” Pretty much sums up how he feels! I could see my own husband saying this.

James is dealing with a spiritual crisis. All of his hostility towards God, his questions, and Sharko’s conversation with him are coming to a head. I’m not going to spoil what happens for those who haven’t read my book, but my feeling at the end of this section was “FINALLY!!!!”


Confession (bonus): Derek “Sharko” Anderson was inspired by the two men I love most. His sweetness towards Kaity and physical affection come from my husband, who is like that towards me in real life. How he reacts when Kaity doesn’t support him, and his humorous side, are also inspired by the love of my life.

Sharko’s timidity, indecisiveness, dependability, and wise leadership all come from my dad. Like Sharko, my father struggles mightily to make decisions but, once he does take the lead, he’s does a phenomenal job. He invests in his team and values everyone’s input.