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Starganauts Read-Along

CHAPTERS 13-15: My Answers

1) What happens when the Starganauts meet to plan their liberation of the Dundee homestead? In what ways does Sharko demonstrate he’s a worthy leader?

They get into a BIG argument. They’re divided on how best to approach the situation, and even Samantha is caught up in the disagreement. Sharko looks at the bigger picture and maintains objectivity. He also remembers to seek God’s guidance, asking Samantha to lead them in prayer. I loved writing this part of the story, because it was fun taking Sharko—a reluctant follower—and showing how he’s the very leader they need.


2) What fate befalls the team as they run from Nick’s homestead? Where does Vogul take the Earthlings, and how is this ironic?

The Starganauts are surrounded by Vogul and his men and captured at last (dunh, dunh, DUNH!!!!). Willum takes them to the gunship, and this is incredibly ironic, considering that the Draxalis is where everything began. Starganauts starts and ends with the gunship.


3) How does Matt’s military background prepare him to defend the Deliverer? Name two ways God prepared you for your current work/ministry.

Matt’s prior service means he’s skilled at thinking on his feet, knows how to use a gun, and can formulate a defensive plan against the enemy. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s terribly practical, realizing the Trylithians will discover the skylight and that his best bet is to take them out in the dark.

For me, my current work is my ministry. I’m a professional private tutor and I LOVE helping kids overcome obstacles and learn. I also get to be a witness and encouragement to their families, along the way. God prepared me for this job through my personal struggle with math and my time in college. When I was a kid, I had a horrible time with math. It wasn’t college, after taking 4 math courses, that I finally got it. This difficulty ultimately prepared me as a tutor. Because I overcame my own non-math brain, I was able to teach the subject to students with similar, non-math brains. And they understood it.


As for college, I worked SUPER hard in all my courses and was the person others would turn to with questions. This led to my nomination (by multiple professors) to become a tutor. My college had tutor training and jobs, and that’s where it all began. 😊


4) How does Kaity feel about Vogul and the Draxalis? What does Samantha discover about Vogul’s past that explains his evil actions?

Kaity feels afraid, resigned, indignant, disturbed, and hopeless. She wonders how they’ll ever get out of their dire circumstances.

Samantha finds out that Vogul’s father physically abused him, as a child. That formed the root of his evil—to hurt others more than they hurt you. As she puts it, “you were a victim of parental violence, yet you’ve become the worst victimizer of them all.”


5) While Vogul speaks with Samantha, Sharko leads the group in prayer. What does this reveal about him? Has he changed since the beginning of the story?

Sharko is spiritually mature. He remembers to include God and believes in the power of prayer, demonstrating he’s a good leader. He’s changed from the reluctant side character of the first few pages. He’s learning to trust God, take the initiative, and be someone others look up to.

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