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Starganauts Read-Along

CHAPTERS 16-18: My Answers

1) Samantha confronts Willum Vogul. How does Vogul relate to the prophetess? What does he offer her?

Willum observes that he and Samantha are both geniuses, called by a higher power to a purpose beyond themselves. They’re both “set apart” for particular work and lonely, as a result. They can see the bigger galactic picture when others get bogged down in the details. Consequently, Vogul offers Samantha the chance to be his bride. To live, by marrying and joining him.

Of course, Samantha rebuffs his offer with a counter-offer of her own…that he come to Christ.


This section was very fun for me to write, because Samantha manages to insult Vogul pretty royally! It also continues my thread of the villain being a foil for the hero. As you will see throughout Starganauts, I like to create enemies that both mirror and subvert my main characters.


2) What terrifying thing happens to Samantha? What do you think the Voices are, and how did you feel when they turned on Vogul?

The Voices attack her, writhing all over her in a creepy mass of shadows! The Voices could possibly be demons, shared hallucinations, or aliens. I’ll leave that for you to find out! But my feelings when Vogul ate it were, “YES!!!! It’s about time!” mixed with “that’s abjectly horrifying!” While his death suits his crimes, the way Vogul goes is a dreadful way to die…if not deserved.


3) Samantha believes she’s going to die. What happens? How have she and Kaity both changed, over the course of the story?

She’s rescued by her cousin and Nancy, and they all escape the exploding Draxalis. Samantha has become less serious, more approachable, and a tad less judgmental. Kaity, for her part, has accepted their fate on Sahara and let go of the past. She’s learned to face the future with hope rather than pessimism, though she still has a lot of growing to do, in Retribution


4) The Starganauts end up on an inhabited planet. How do you think this might impact their futures? What do you think the final scene might be setting up?

It affects them because it opens up possibilities. They may no longer have to focus on mere survival, and they’re no longer alone in a hostile galaxy. Their lives could become more stable, and this planet might provide a use for their glorified Forms.

An assassination attempt on the Starganauts, the next book’s villain, or something else. You’ll have to read Retribution to see!


5) What is your favorite scene in Starganauts? Who is your favorite character?

The final showdown between Samantha and Vogul. I poured all of my heart and soul into it, and I love the contrast between good and evil. I visualize the creepy Voices. I feel Samantha’s fear, defiance, and resignation. I shudder at Vogul’s dark fate. It moves me, surprises me, and inspires me. It’s suspenseful, dramatic, and satisfying, yet it raises questions. Questions whose answers will span several books! 😉

Kaity is my favorite character, and I fully confess to 100% bias, here! She’s the most autobiographical character in my series. I’m like her in that I’m sensitive, emotional, feel and care deeply, seek to encourage others, and am VERY curious about the world around me. I tend to be cheerful, I’m super timid, and I have many fears. I’ve had to learn to let go of those fears by trusting God, and to choose courage over cowardice.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining this Read-Along! Whether you participated with answers or just read my posts, I appreciate it! I hope this walkthrough of Book 1 has made it even more enjoyable...and increased your excitement for the release of Retribution on May 4th!

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