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Samantha Harris

Age:  26

Occupation:  engineer

Form:  Crosshair

One of the oldest of the group, Samantha watched Willum Vogul’s space shuttle lift off when she was a child.  Her fate seems curiously intertwined with Vogul’s, though her powers of prophesying came later in life. Samantha grew up with an Atheist father and a mother who followed New Age spiritualism.  She heard about Christianity from her cousin Matt, but had no interest in it until she’d launched into her career as an engineer.

Samantha Paint.jpg

Achieving a six-figure salary by 24, Samantha nonetheless felt empty and meaningless.  A challenge from Matt forced her to reevaluate her beliefs, and Samantha gave her heart to Christ.  Her life changed almost immediately.  God called her to be a prophetess of the doom that was to come, and Samantha sacrificed her job, money, and credibility to follow His leading. She began standing on street corners and warning of the coming apocalypse.  During this time, she also drained her bank account to convert an old shuttle and fill it with supplies for her escape with the others from Vogul’s destruction. 

Samantha is talented in all things math and science.  She is a natural leader who loves taking charge and being in control.  While she can be too judgmental and stubborn, her ultimate goal is to follow Christ and lead others to Him, no matter what the cost.  She is the de facto leader of the Starganauts from the beginning, and struggles when God calls someone else to fill that role.

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