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Derek "Sharko" Anderson 

Age:  25

Occupation:  truck driver

Form:  Blaze

Kaity’s husband and cautious by nature, “Sharko” thought he had his life planned out until his parents died in a tragic plane accident.  Orphaned at 17, Sharko managed to attend college for a while on his inheritance.  He also acquired a trucker’s license.  When funds ran out, he went into cold storage trucking, working long hours to prepare financially for his marriage to Kaity.  Although academically bright, Sharko likes to work with his hands and doesn’t mind spending a great deal of time outdoors.

Sharko with Shading W.png

Sharko with his truck.

Because he lost his parents, Sharko hates responsibility.  He had to provide for two younger siblings while grieving his parents’ deaths, and this grew him up quicker than his peers.  It also threw him into emotional and spiritual crisis, but a pastor took the young Anderson under his wing.  His mentoring resulted in Sharko becoming a Christian.  Since that time, Sharko has striven to be a living witness to his non-believing friend James, with whom he's had a long friendship.  He met Kaity in college, and the two continued their relationship through church after he left to do trucking.

Sharko’s greatest strength is his thoughtfulness.  In contrast to Samantha’s impulsivity, Sharko tends to carefully consider several alternatives before proceeding.  It can also be a weakness that leads him to inaction, but Dudeman and Kaity encourage him to overcome this.  He is the eventual leader of the Starganauts, though reluctantly and with little help from Samantha.

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