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Willum Vogul W.png

Willum Vogul


Homeworlds: Earth, Trylithia

Age: 47

Occupation: astronaut/madman

Willum was born into the prestigious Vogul family, which founded the Starganauts' hometown, Vogul Bay. The son of a rich father, Willum grew up with many privileges. Yet his father was physically and emotionally abusive. Vogul knew, at an early age, that he wanted to get away from his dysfunctional family. He attended college in a faraway city and decided to be become an astronaut. Ten years of schooling and training later, Vogul graduated and received a commission. 

Vogul blasted off into the stars with a team of astronauts. Contact was lost with his shuttle, however, and a few years passed before he returned. When he did, he was alone. Vogul claimed that aliens had rescued him and sent him back, but nobody believed him. The media ridiculed him and called him a madman. The general public remained skeptical.


In a rage, Vogul seized the shuttle and took off by himself, vowing to come back with evidence that would make Earth pay. Twenty years later, he carried out his threat. Thus Vogul sets the events of Starganauts into motion, bringing a gunship to incinerate Earth. He also pursues the survivors as they flee the apocalypse, for he knows the role they have to play in the unfolding history of the  Gorvan System. Yet Vogul is not utterly alone. He is guided by Voices that tell him things:  the future, insights, and what direction to go. But are Vogul's voices an outside influence, or all in his head?

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