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Chrysta Mirror.jpg

Chrysta Taylor

Age:  21

Occupation:  seamstress

Form:  Vipress

A seamstress who struggled to make ends meet, Chrysta escaped from Earth with her husband when both felt drawn to the Prophetess’ message.  They are the only ones of the Starganaut group who were complete strangers to the other six survivors.  While Chrysta is inconsolable at the loss of Earth, her time on Sahara teaches her to be a better wife to her husband, Mike.

Chrysta and Mike married about 2 years before the events of Starganauts, and they are in some ways polar opposites.  Mike is stoic and struggles to express himself.  Emotion, however, is Chrysta’s middle name.  She seldom hides how she feels, often growing over-dramatic in response to tragedies and trials.  She treats Mike with resentment, as if holding something unspoken against him which was done in the past.

Unsurprisingly, Chrysta and Mike’s relationship is a rocky one.  She married him at the age of 19, and their lives were plagued by hardship even before escaping to Sahara.  Due to Mike flitting from one interest to another, she yearns for a stability she’s never known.  Chrysta is a bitter woman, tending to hold insults and slights against others without forgiving them.  Although Kaity tries to befriend her, Chrysta proves a tough person to draw close to.

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