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James "Dudeman" Erskin 

Age:  25

Occupation:  surfer

Form:  Fyromaniac

A surfer who tries to exude a calm exterior, James can be a roiling volcano of emotions.  He has known Derek since childhood, when the two friends nicknamed each other “Dudeman” and “Sharko.”  James is an adopted child who knows nothing about his biological parents, save that his mother had some Polynesian ancestry.  He likes to attribute his love for the waves to this heritage.

A skeptic and non-Christian, James often butts heads with Samantha.  He resents the Prophetess for seeing him as someone who needs converting and she, unfortunately, doesn’t always help the situation.  He usually wears his heart on his

Dudeman W.jpg

sleeve, and this can be detrimental whenever he’s angry.  Despite his flaws, James is honest, passionate, and a true friend.  He’s a professional surfer by trade, and likes nothing better than riding a good wave and relaxing on the beach.

Adjusting to life on Sahara is very difficult for “Dudeman.”  He’s surrounded by others with whom he disagrees, while also grieving the loss of Earth with everyone else.  Yet Sharko’s friendship helps him through, and James is one of the survivors who discovers the orbs.

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