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Mike Taylor

Age:  21

Occupation:  college student

Form:  Ninjarak

   Mike is Chrysta’s husband and a college student, though Vogul’s incineration ruins his semester. An emotionally-illiterate man, Mike is the king of starting things he doesn’t finish. His marriage is on the rocks, and leaving with Samantha is one of the few choices the couple makes with complete agreement. Mike is an avid baseball fan, pulls all-nighters to study, and loves eating hamburgers and pizza.


During their time on Sahara, Mike is injured in the crash. One wound in particular starts to fester, so he spends a lot of time lying around. This decimates his self-esteem, leading him to feel like even more of a failure than he did on Earth. With the progression of his infection, Mike’s very life is put at stake, with Chrysta only learning to value him as she faces the prospect of becoming a widow. 

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