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Kaity Anderson 

Age:  24

Occupation:  tutor

Form:  Valora

Kaity Anderson is a new bride when Vogul begins his attack on Earth.  Her and Sharko’s reception is interrupted by the gunship, and she flees with Samantha, barely escaping alive.  When the survivors crash-land on Sahara, their situation hits Kaity particularly hard.  A city girl who lived a cushy life, Kaity struggles to adjust to the harsh environment.  She misses the comforts and people of home, and relies heavily on her new husband, Sharko.

Starganauts is largely told from Kaity’s perspective.  Thus, she serves as a sort of everyman:  an ordinary person thrust into extraordinary circumstances.  Kaity is college-educated and was an only child.  She became a Christian fairly young, and has enjoyed a close friendship with Nancy Cooper since high school.  She tends to avoid stressful situations, and likes her life to be calm and mundane.

Kaity is emotionally aware and the encourager of the group.  She can struggle to think clearly when emotions overwhelm her, and engaging enemies in battle is initially difficult for her.  The loss of Earth and her parents is one of Kaity’s greatest struggles…a grief she fails to move on from.  Nonetheless, she can have great courage in the face of evil.  In this aspect, Valora suits her well.

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