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The Myds

Homeworld:  Modoi

Average lifespan:  65 Vexadorian Years

Major Religion:  unknown

Trademarks:  full bodysuit, hum-like language

Myd Shaded.jpg

      The Myds are Modoi’s sole inhabitants and have been throughout the ages.  Not much is known about them, except that they are completely genderless.  Outwardly, they are always wearing full bodysuits, with helmets that obscure their faces.  They are shorter than the average human and stockier.  Myds have three long, bulbous fingers on each hand.  There is not much variation in fashion, as bodysuit colors for civilians are often shades of brown or red.  Military uniforms are scarlet, walnut-brown, or black, with geometric patterns often adorning those of military officers or bureaucrats. 

      The term for a Myd person is an agamite, as they are genderless aliens. 

They reproduce asexually by way of budding (called replication), and most Myds bud twice in their lifetime.  Extra DNA in the “parent” Myd ensures that there is some genetic variety in every child, or replicant.  Love for replicants is seldom expressed in public, though Myds do care for their offspring.  The Myd family unit typically dwells in a communal complex or skyscraper, with successive generations adding on to the existing building for space and to show a family’s prominence.   

      Myds are shy and generally like to keep to themselves.  This often manifests in extreme xenophobia and a feeling of superiority within their race.  They generally like to stay out of the affairs of the galaxy, and prefer observation to direct interaction.  A communal people, almost all Myds live in a single, capital city called Ondoi. 

      Without romance to distract them, the Myds are avid gardeners, builders, and engineers.  They often construct towering skyscrapers, and few buildings look alike.  Myds like to create and to follow their passions. Though to foreigners, they typically come off as cold, logical, and clueless of others' customs, Myds are highly intelligent.  They can be very kind to fellow agamites, and are a generally peaceful people.  The most technologically-advanced people close to the Gorvan System, they were responsible for constructing the gunship that Willum Vogul stole.

Futuristic Metropolis.png

Ondoi, city of the Myds

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