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Homeworld:  Trylithia

Average lifespan:  150 Vexadorian Years

Major Religion:  Cult of Kroth

Trademark:  hoverboots and mouth-cloths

Trylithians have the same general appearance; only skin tone varies by climate zone.  All Trylithians have heart-shaped faces, blue skin, round noses, receding foreheads, and diamond-shaped eyes.  Possessing four fingers on their hands and three toes on their stump-like feet, they have thinner bodies than humans.  Eye colors range, though there are three types of eyes a Trylithian can be born with:  catlike, horizontal slit, or honeycombed.  Common hair colors are purple, green, brown, and dark blue.

Despite this sameness of appearance, Trylithians contrast culturally.  Sun Lands dwellers are independent, rugged, resourceful, and hard-


A Skull Warrior


working.  About half are nomadic, while the rest carve ranches out of the barren landscape.  There are major towns rather than cities, and populations are spread out.  Most crafts and technology have down-to-earth uses.  A loose body of leading Trylithians governs the affairs of each town and its outlands.  Women are considered equal to men and can rule, own property, and fight in the army.  Each township has its own religion, and religious practice does not mix with everyday life. 

The people of the Jungle Regions are primitive, hostile to outsiders, fierce, devoted, and brave.  Women are treated poorly and have few rights.  Marriages are arranged, and cooperating with one’s elders is the highest aim for a young warrior.  Religious custom can dictate a few or many aspects of life, depending on the tribe—and most tribes are superstitious.  Some clans are ruled by a chieftain with absolute power, while others are ruled by consensus.  Faithfulness to one’s clan and gods is prized in every tribe.  No single language unifies the people, and there are only a few large colmits (countries) of any account, which boast some cities. 

In contrast to their Jungle brethren, Duskrealm Trylithians are strict, law-abiding, courteous, self-righteous, and hospitable.  Duskrealm has quite a few cities.  Ancestry is important, with families passing down items through the generations, but in the public sphere, innovation is admired more than pedigree.  Duskrealm Trylithians are greater philosophers than fighters, though they’re unafraid to go to war and will unite all of their colmits to face a threat.  Women are considered equal but encouraged to stay in the private sphere, so most are

restricted to the home.  Religions range from belief in a single, sun-god called Kroth to the worship of several gods to atheism.

Despite these vast cultural differences, all Trylithians share the traits of defiance, fierceness, and reclusiveness from galactic outsiders.  Everyone wears a cloth over their mouth, because it's considered immodest to show one’s mouth in public.  Headdresses are often worn into battle instead of helmets, and those donned by kings or warriors are elaborate.  There are special fighting forces called Skull Warriors and Kroth Blood-Kin who possess unique combat abilities, and the Usurper Squadrons are legendary for boasting the best and craziest pilots in the galaxy.

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